Frequent questions on the care coordinator service:

We know booking medical appointment in the public health system can generate anxiety and frustration. Your Care Coordinator will find the right clinic, call at the right time and book appointments for you.

You can request as many medical appointments as you need, as long as you attend to your consultations.

For the family plan, you can request appointments for 2 adults and their children under 18.

You Care Coordinator will start working on your request soon. You will receive a communication when your care coordinator has started, and you will receive frequent updates on progress. If you have questions, you can always chat with the team via the chat in the Doctr mobile app.

We will get started today on your request. If you opened this request after 7pm, we may start working on it tomorrow morning.

The service is reliable and fast. 70% of appointments are confirmed in less than 24 hours and 95% of appointments are confirmed in less than 48 hours.

For walk-ins, you can expect the appointment tomorrow or the next day. For other types of appointments, it depends on the availabilities in your region, and you will get more information once the care coordinator team has started working on your request

The service is reliable and fast. 70% of appointments are confirmed in less than 24 hours and 95% of appointments are confirmed in less than 48 hours.

You can see the progress of your request in the request details located in the chat tab in the Doctr app.

We use your location, the distance you can travel, your availabilities and the thousands of reviews left by other users in our clinic directory to pick the best clinic possible.

Inform your care coordinator in the chat if you prefer a clinic or health professional and we will prioritize it.

If you selected the single and family plan, you are always in control. Inform your care coordinator in the chat if you don’t like the selected clinic and we will find you another one.

If you selected the walk-in plan (one appointment only) then you cannot request another appointment.

It happens! We will book another appointment for you if you have the single or family plan. Let your care coordinator know as soon as possible as not showing up to your appointment negatively impacts the reputation of the Care Coordinator service.

For the Walk-in plan, you will not be reimbursed if you do not go to your appointment and you will need to open a new request.

Make sure the email, phone number and health care card and name you provided is up to date. Otherwise, you have nothing else to do. Isn’t it great?

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Within the framework of its offer of services to the person who obtains the services of Doctr (hereinafter “Customer”), the latter acts only as an agent for the Customer within the framework of the mandate of medical appointments that the latter granted to him by obtaining the services of Doctr.

For all services rendered by Doctr involving the use by the Customer of his Quebec Health Insurance Plan card (hereinafter the “RAMQ Card”), Doctr acts independently and is not affiliated with any appointment scheduling system, clinic or other establishment offering medical services. Doctr is not given priority for scheduling appointments before, during or after the execution of its mandate for the Customer when such services involve the use by the Customer of its RAMQ Card.

We, Doctr, are seriously concerned about the confidentiality of your personal information and are committed to respecting the confidentiality of the information we collect. In order to comply with the various legal provisions concerning the Quebec health insurance plan (Health Insurance Act, RLRQ c A-29) and concerning the protection of personal information in the private sector (Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector, RLRQ, c P-39.1), Doctr has put in place various mechanisms allowing it to provide its services and to comply with the existing legal provisions.

Please note that the only information collected, in a transparent manner with the consent of the users, is the information listed in our Privacy Policy, to which you consent by using the website ” ” (hereinafter the ” User “).

Please note that the User’s personal information will not be retained beyond the purposes for which it was collected and Doctr has established a mechanism for the destruction of such information once the expiry date has been reached, thereby complying with applicable laws.

Please note that we will not require you to produce your RAMQ Card with all its information by photo and we will never require you to physically entrust us with your RAMQ Card. For the sole purpose of the services provided by Doctr “Doctr Care Coordinator Services” (described in the Terms and Conditions and the General Conditions of Sale) for which the information contained on a RAMQ Card is necessary, and not merely useful, we collect only the necessary information contained on the RAMQ Card. The information requested may include the registered health insurance number, expiration date, date of birth and full name of the person purchasing the specific service (hereinafter the “Purchaser”). The collection of the above information is necessary since this information is required by the clinics for appointment scheduling, therefore necessary for Doctr to perform the service “

Doctr Care Coordinator Services” that Buyer has procured and which is a resource provision service.

The deletion of certain data such as health insurance number, reason for medical consultation and any photos that may have been provided are deleted by Doctr seven (7) days after Doctr has made an appointment for Buyer, as this information is no longer necessary for Doctr’s performance of the services.

For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.