We book medical appointments for you

Meet your new Care Coordinator

Booking an appointment in the Quebec healthcare system can be confusing and time consuming, making us feel we don’t get the best out of it. Your care coordinator becomes your single point of contact for your healthcare appointments. Tell him what you need, and he’ll take care of the rest for you. You won’t have to search and make calls.

Reach your Care Coordinator via chat


Monthly fee: 4.95$/month.
Special launch offer: become a member without a subscription fee

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Subscribe to this new service by looking for the “Care Coordinator” service in the homepage. You need to be in Quebec to subscribe to this service.


We will fulfill all requests as long as you have a new reference for a specialist under your name.

We can book an appointment for you in a walk-in clinic. If you have your own family doctor, we suggest you call yourself unless you have issues with speaking french.

We start looking for an appointment within 1 to 2 business day.Your care coordinator will update you on his researches. Wait times may vary based on your locations and the service requested.

Wait times vary depending on your availability and the availability of doctors in your area. If you want an appointment as soon as possible, we will invite you to be as flexible as possible.

We cover most specialists. If we can’t assist, we will explain you why and suggest next steps.

We pick a specialist based on:
1. Your location
2. Your availability
3. Feedback from other members

Not at the moment. We plan to offer this service soon.

No. This service is only available in the province of Quebec for now. We plan to expand to other provinces.