7 Apps to Improve Your Life in Vancouver

Apps are meant to make your life better right? They’re supposed to be your trusty helpers in your pocket that do their jobs when you need them for something, like finding your way around, or hailing a Taxi. Though, it’s so easy for your phone to be cluttered with needless apps. So we thought we’d find out what the essentials are. Here are 7 essential apps to make your life in Vancouver better.


Driving around the city can be confusing, even in Vancouver where the road system is very nicely done. When you’re trying to get to that sushi place that you once read on a blog, or trying to find how to get to the Orpheum, this is a very handy app. This community based GPS navigation app is the best when it come to going through the streets without getting lost.


Everyone gets into an emergency, but you may end up coming to a hospital emergency room that is full of people waiting. Which is why it may be handy if you can view how filled up an ER is beforehand. We’re not trying to toot our own horn, but that’s where Doctr comes in handy. Doctr shows live wait times in ERs in Vancouver and across Canada.

Tap Map

Walking around the city can be a thirsty affair. Luckily for you, there’s Tap Map. Tap Map shows you all the places where you could refill your water bottle. Vancouver is known for its very clean tap water, so ditch buying that new bottle of water and fill up on the go easier with Tap Map.


We’ve all had the moment where we are just itching for wifi. But when you’re on the go, that can be tricky. Public wifi sucks, and a lot of establishments don’t give you wifi unless you buy something. So that’s why WifiMapper is so handy. Not only does it show all the wifi hotspots around you, it also crowdsources wifi passwords, meaning you can skip the awkward question of asking a café employee what the wifi code is when you have no intention of buying anything.


There may be no Uber in Vancouver, and taxis are the absolute worst, but at least there is Zoro. This app will give you an estimated fare for where you’re going to, as well as let you track the cab. It also gives you the plate number for the taxi so you can easily tell when it arrives to pick you up.

Street Food Vancouver

You dig street food? Got the munchies on the go? Vanouver’s known for its wide variety of street food vendors. See them all with this app and go hunting for some great food to go. The app gives you an up-to-date schedule and location of Vancouver’s best food trucks and street carts.


The great outdoors are a staple when it comes to exploring all that Vancouver has to offer. With iParks, you have a great guide to Greater Vancouver’s regional parks, all accessible from within your hands. Plan your day trip out into nature with this app.